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After their Field Trip to the Discovery Center (book 1) in which Zack and Zoey are launched on a love of space, their teacher assigns them a Space or STEM themed project in school for which they decide to create The Best Project Ever (book 2).

Reach for the Stars is the completion of the Zack and Zoey Adventures book trilogy, in which, Zack, Zoey and their friends finish building The Best Project Ever, which is a Kids Entire Solar System Experimentation Lab, and present it to their class.

In Reach for the Stars, we learn that Zack, Zoey and the rest of the project team run into more challenges and obstacles than they ever expected in creating their project, but they learn that creativity and perseverance can take them over, around, or through any obstacle - and have great success doing it!

Read Reach for the Stars to see if they win the prize! 


Reach for the Stars

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