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The mission of the Zack and Zoey Adventures brand is to educate and inspire kids of all ages to learn more about the Space & STEM topics they love.

A two-fold way we accomplish that is:

1) Learning about all Space & STEM topics from subject matter experts, so we are more knowledgeable in what we share


2) Keeping our own fire lit and our passion burning for Space & STEM, the topics we love

Attending the Space Exploration Educators Conference, hosted by Space Center Houston does both - and this year, we are sharing it with you, our Adventurers!



Beginning this year's SEEC with a BANG! Kjell's story falls right in line with this year's theme "Persevering through Innovation."

Kjell became an astronaut because he was kicked out of the Air Force (medically discharged) and needed to pursue a new career choice.


Gamaliel "Dan" Cherry, Ph.D. - NASA Office of STEM Engagement

Dr. Cherry also joins the conversation to connect how NASA is connecting the real-world people and missions of space exploration with students, teachers around the world through NASA's STEM Engagement Enterprise 

Training Astronauts through VR

and This is how YOU can start!

Padlet Engineering Lab

Comparing Planetary


Explore the Solar System

with NASA


Javier Montiel

Max Mendoza

Angelica Garcia

Afraid of VR - don't be any longer!

If you've ever wanted to begin teaching VR to your students, but didn't know where to start.

Start right here with this session.

You won't be an expert, but it breaks through the fear of the unknown and gets you started.


John Wilson

Darcelle Mitchell

If you use or are familiar with Padlet, this session shows you how to use Padlet to create an engineering lab for your students taking them through a step by step procedure for a space mission, like a rover mission to Mars.


Suzanne Foxworth

Doug Ming

Paige Graff

A detailed session of how astronomers, scientists, and NASA use images of other worlds to compare to similar features on Earth to better understand those worlds, using only visual imagery.

I really enjoyed this one!


Crystal Williams

Crystal Del Rosso

Debra Derham

If you've ever wanted a tour through just some of the great NASA STEM resources... THIS is your session.

Watch the session with your note-taking app open - you're going to need it.

TONS of good info...

Making Moon Madness

Understanding Space Habitats:

A Challenge-based Approach

Journey Through Mars

Escape Room Adventure

Fly High Towards the Future with 

CAP's Free STEM Program


Stacey Stevenson

Dorinda Risenhoover

Ashley Henry

K-2 teachers looking for a GREAT way to show kids the phases of the moon - this is your session!


Steven Smith

An array of contests an experiments in which students can get involved with an activity to engineer a plan for an eventual moon or Mars habitat. 


Jenn Donais

Shannon Ryan

Terrific session showing how to combine some simple online tools and turn them into a fun and engaging learning event for students (and adults!)

Highly recommend - though it was better to be part of it Live 


Sue Mercer

Megan Tucker

Have you heard of Civil Air Patrol, but don't really know who they are and what they do...

WATCH this session!

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