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A look into our issues of STEM to Bloom...

STEM to Bloom Issue #30 - Exploration by Yumna

Space & STEM is a passion of people all around the world. In this issue, learn about Yumna Majeed and how her passion became an organization, Exploration by Yumna

  • So much in just 4 years: wait until you see how much she's accomplished

Issue #29 - Mars Perseverance Rover

In February 2021, the Mars 2020 Rover "Perseverance" lands on Mars in Jezero Crate with four primary missions, #1 of which is to search for signs of life on the red planet.

  • A Mars helicopter: yes, this time, the rover is carrying along with is the first ever Mars helicopter, Ingenuity


Issue # 28 - Little Free Libraries

You've seen them around (or perhaps not), but they are a wonderful addition to neighborhoods all over - and they are FREE! Little Free Libraries allow for swapping of books - take a book, leave a book - with a terrific story of how they were created.

  • Are there Little Free Libraries in your neighborhood?

Issue # 27 - Issue 1 Relaunched

After 26 terrific issues of STEM to Bloom magazine in print, we wanted to take Zack and Zoey Adventures to new places, so we re-launched issue 1 with more notes, links, and connections to begin engaging our audience beyond the print magazine

  • Space Junk: one of our favorite factual pages ever


Issue # 26 - Lowell Observatory & Pluto

A partnership with Lowell Observatory sparked this dedicated issue to Lowell Observatory's 90th anniversary of the discovery of Pluto celebration.

  • Pluto and the Pluto system are a fascinating place in our solar system, just as Lowell Observatory is an Eden on Earth for space lovers! 


Issue # 25 - Grand Canyon

A natural wonder on the face of the Earth, the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA is a site that delivers on its promise to leave you breathless. The science behind (and inside) the Grand Canyon is just as fascinating.

  • Did you know it snows in the Grand Canyon - even though it's in Arizona?

Issue # 24 - Transit of Mercury

Not quite once in a lifetime, but definitely once in a generation - students got an in-depth look at the transit of another planet in front of the Sun. This event provides so many lessons in space, astronomy, and our place in the solar system.

  • In  a way, it's a complete Earth & Space Science lesson 


Issue # 23 - High Altitude Weather Balloons

One of the best ​ways students can experience space the very same way adult scientists do is through high altitude weather balloon launches.

Getting anything to space or even high in the atmosphere to test it is an expensive endeavor - balloon flights make this real-life experiment reachable for kids/students of any age

  • What would you send to the Edge of Space as an experiment?

Issue # 22 - Kids & Robotics

Kids and Robotics are a match made for fun and learning. Kids do and will interact with so many robots through the course of their lives that it makes sense to expose them to the many different uses of robots and robotics now. 

  • From Science Fiction to Science Fact - Robotics are a part of our world to stay. 


Issue # 21 - Apollo 11 50th Anniversary

Perhaps THE most inspiring accomplishment achieved thus far is humans walking on the surface of the Moon. It continues to inspire people of all ages and all parts of the world.

  • What's your favorite Apollo moment?

Issue # 20 - Science in the Wild

Ever wonder how much of an impact ONE PERSON can have on the world through Science? We did, and it led us to this issue dedicated to Dr. Ulyana Horodyskyj - a glaciologist who's traveled the world 'doing science' - and is preparing trips to bring KIDS to do science with her!

  • Science in the Wild for Kids - - Yes, it is a thing!


Issue # 19 - 3D Printing

3D Printing could be the single most important factor in humans being able to sustainably live beyond the confines of the Earth.

In this introductory issue about it, kids learn where 3D printing began, why it's so important for humans in space, and how they can begin learning about it and printing!

  • Have you used a 3D printer yet?

Issue # 18 - Mars

Before the Perseverance Rover landed on Mars in 2021, STEM to Bloom was lighting the fire of excitement in kids for the red planet. 

Mars will be the future of many space-loving kids' lives - as scientists, engineers, and perhaps even astronauts.

  • Mars is a Space and Science lovers' paradise


Issue # 17 - Life Science

On Earth, Life is all around us. From plants, to animals, to you - Earth is filled with life. This issue takes kids through life, systems, and ecosystems which encompass the life on Earth.

  • Do you know about all the systems within your own body?


Issue # 16 - Physical Science

Physical Sciences are the sciences which surround us in the world, and universe, in which we live. So much to learn and so many fun experiments to help us learn - physical sciences are great!

  • Astronomy, Chemistry, Physics


Issue # 15 - Science Holidays

There are so many important dates in the history of science that we wanted to share some of the most important and some of the ones which mean the most to us.

  • Newton, Einstein, Galileo, Star Wars, Star Trek - it's all in here!


Issue # 14 - Volcanoes

Volcanoes are a fascinating planetary process which captures the imagination. They become even more so once you start learning  about them.

  • Volcanoes on Earth, Volcanoes in the solar system


Issue # 13 - Space and World Space Week

Space is a topic which inspires like no other. From kids to adults to seniors from countries all over the globe - space and space exploration is a truly ubiquitous topic of learning and wonder.

  • What's your favorite part of space or space exploration?

Issue # 12 - Edge of Space Missions

One area which kids and students can perform science at the same level as older students or adults is... High Altitude Weather Balloon launches. They are a great and interactive way for kids to do full blown science experiments at the 'edge of space' and have fun doing it.

  • Our high altitude weather balloons reach 90,000+ and 100,000+ feet in altitude!


Issue # 11 - Kid Astronauts

Zack and Zoey Kid Astronauts are a crew of just that - kid astronauts who teach our adventurers about all things space & STEM!

  • Which crew member would you be on a Kid Astronaut crew?


Issue # 10 - Dream Chaser

and the kids who Chase those Dreams!

This issue was inspired by one Zack and Zoey Adventurer who wrote and illustrated the entire story about Dream Chaser within. 

This is a GEM!

  • Would you be a space tourist?

Issue # 9 - Ecotarium

Without the Ecotarium - there would be no Zack and Zoey Adventures or STEM to Bloom magazine.

The Ecotarium is the place where Jeff gained his love of space, science, and museums as he grew up in the same neighborhood and even worked at the museum in high school.

  • The Planetarium was Jeff's first love!


Issue # 8 - Mars

Mars is a fascinating place and only getting more so as we prepare to send another rover to the red planet. What will we learn this time? Will it find signs of life? 

  • The next rover will also be doing experiments needed to prepare for human missions to Mars

Issue # 7 - Moons

So many moons!

Our solar system has many more moons than planets, and many of them are far more interesting than some of the planets, but we don't give them the attention they deserve.

  • The gas giant planets of the out solar system have dozens of moons - some the size of planets!


Issue # 6 - Math is for EVERYONE

Math is simply the use of numbers to understand a concept. Many times, math gets labeled as a subject which some people "can't do," which is simply not a true statement.

All of us do math and use math all the time - we typically just aren't paying attention to it.

  • Did you know there is such a thing as Marshmallow math?

Issue # 5 - 

Weather is a topic which touches us all. It also touches us all in different ways across different longitudes and latitudes.

To begin learning about weather systems on Earth assists us learn about many more topics involved in this complex Earth system.

  • Earth is not the only place in the solar system which has weather


Issue # 4 - New Years on all the planets

We celebrate New Years every Jan 1 here on Earth. Well, every other planet also has a 'new years' of sorts - this issue shares information about the different orbits of the planets.

  • Do you know which planet has the longest year?

Issue # 3 - Zoey meets Galileo

With space, kids get to be as close to the fun, learning, and information as adults who work in those careers - it's one of few professions in which this is possible. 

  • Did you know that you can Time Travel...?!?


Issue # 2 - Great time to be a Space Lover!

There is so much going on in the space industry that it doesn't matter if you work for NASA or are a kid who loves to learn about space... it's a GREAT time to be alive!

  • Solar Eclipse of 2017 across America

Issue # 1

STEM helps kids Bloom!

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