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The Crew Dragon launch = the 4-minute mile and what it means for #kidswhowanttobeastronauts

The world knows SpaceX and NASA launched "American astronauts, on American rockets, from American soil" - we all watched and every announcer on television and the web couldn't announce that enough. It was an awesome accomplishment and day for space lovers and the entire space industry.

Is it important? Yes.

A more important question for Zack and Zoey Adventurers is this... Is it important for kids who love space? The answer to this is an enormous YES!

However, the reason it is a huge yes for this launch being important for kids isn't about the red, white and blue of the American flag which was sent up. It's huge for space-loving kids because it was the first time a private space company launched astronauts into space.

4-minute Mile - the analogy of how this launch is exactly like the 4-minute mile is as follows:

Prior to 1954, it was believed, more than that, it was known as a concrete, unbreakable fact of science and nature that a human couldn't run a mile in less than 4 minutes. It was a commonly known and accepted certainty.

However, in 1954, a runner named Roger Bannister committed himself to breaking this barrier. After long hours and thousands of miles - he did it! (of course, or he wouldn't be part of this story.

The BEST part of this story, however, for our #kidswhowanttobeastronauts is that just over a month after Roger Bannister broke the "impossible" 4-minute mile barrier, another runner, John Landy, ran a sub 4-minute mile and actually ran it faster than Bannister for a world record which held for 3 years. Within a few months, more than a handful of runners also ran a sub 4-minute mile.

Now that Crew Dragon has broken the "it's never been done" barrier, our space-loving kids can look forward to more, then many more, companies, and countries launching astronauts into space - to the ISS, to the moon, for other space exploration, and eventually to Mars.

This is great news for Adventurers!

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