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  • Jeff Gonyea

The NEW Zack and Zoey Adventures®!

Zack and Zoey Adventures® began with our first book, Field Trip to the Discovery Center, in 2017 after a serious health concern Jeff was dealing with.

While recovering, that first book became an idea for a trilogy of books where the kids in the stories experience what I, and many adults did growing up, which is take the learning, excitement and inspiration of a single field trip and grow it into a lifelong passion.

While writing book two of the trilogy, Zoey (then just 6 years old) and I decided we wanted to start teaching kids what they need to learn about to become astronauts. However, creating a single children's book every 9 - 12 months wasn't going to be enough for us to be able to share and teach all we wanted to for other kids.

This desire led us to create a monthly kids' magazine, titled STEM to Bloom. We named it so because studying STEM topics; Science, Technology Engineering and Math helps kids Bloom - not just intellectually, but also pedagogically. This means that kids who love space, science and STEM topics are apt to continue learning even more about these topics they love. In laymen's terms, Space and STEM become a self-educating prophecy.

As we've grown through a single book - into a completed trilogy - to a kids' magazine - to astronomy events and an observatory - to STEM egg hunts - to Space and STEM outreach around the world... we've continued to adjust our methods to keep Zack and Zoey Adventures current, relevant, fun and inspirational for our Adventurers everywhere.

In this light, we've spent the recent "Stay at Home" time during the COVID-19 pandemic to reshape our brand to make Zack and Zoey Adventures® the best brand it can be for #kidswhowanttobeastronauts

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